At War with the Army

Directed by: Hal Walker
Writen by: James B. Allardice, Fred F. Finklehoffe
Produced by:
Run Time:1 hour, 31 minutes
Content Type Rating:
Genres:Character Comedy
Collections:Feature Films, Martin and Lewis
Cast: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Mike Kellin

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Set at an army post in Kentucky at the end of 1944, Vic Puccinelli (Dean Martin) and Alvin Korwin (Jerry Lewis) are former nightclub partners who have enlisted in the U.S. Army. First Sergeant Puccinelli now ranks above Korwin. Puccinelli is desperately trying to get transferred overseas. He is not only refused transfer but is to be commissioned a Warrant Officer. Meanwhile, Korwin desperately wants a pass to see his wife and new baby. In addition, they both have to rehearse for the Army's talent show and avoid the wrath of Alvin's platoon sergeant, Sergeant McVey (Mike Kellin). Along the way they both sing a few songs, and they do an impression of Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald for the talent show.

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